Talk to us for your display, exhibition and cut to size acrylic and fabrication needs Custom Designed Aluminium Display Systems - Complete Display Solutions Made with Xara Contact Us (02) 9477 5122 sales@complete displaysolutions. Using aluminium as a key component, we design and manufacture aluminium displays to meet your needs. We use a wide range of aluminium extrusions, aluminium composite board, aluminium sheet and aluminium snap frames for lightweight,  durable displays. We also use a broad range of other materials in aluminium display systems to suit your design and budget including but not limited to acrylic, corflute, timber, MDF and polycarbonate. Advantages of using aluminium: Lightweight Flood and waterproof Wide range of finishes, including mill finish and anodized Aluminium can be powdercoated for a broad range of colours and finishes We have made: Display cases Display wall Graphic display wall Point of sale displays Gondolas Combination acrylic/aluminium displays Angled shelves We also offer full or cut down lengths of aluminium extrusion. Contact us for a quote Aluminium Display Systems