Injection moulding We can design and develop products using injection moulding. This can also be used to develop rapid prototypes to test and refine your design. We can arrange tooling for injection moulding for large projects.  We have a unit dye system to keep the cost of tooling down and can mould inhouse. Vacuum forming      Vacuum forming is a process that converts a flat sheet of plastic into a 3D form. A sheet of plastic is heated to a forming temperature, stretched onto/into a mould and held against the mould by applying a vacuum between the mould surface and the sheet. Once moulded, the parts are then trimmed to the correct shape and edges smoothed. We can vacuum form to 1000mm by 600mm. We use the following materials in vaccum forming: HIPS PETG Polypropylene Talk to us for your display, exhibition and cut to size acrylic and fabrication needs Materials and Production Methods - Complete Display Solutions Made with Xara Contact Us (02) 9477 5122 sales@complete displaysolutions. We regularly use the following materials - contact us for more information: Acrylic Polycarbonate Timber/wood HIPS PETG Polypropylene MDF Aluminium Aluminium composite board/panel Aluminium extrusion Aluminium snap frames Steel Range of Materials CNC routing Refer to our CNC routing page for more information Other methods Heat Bending A fast way to get different folds in plastics - great for custom displays. Flame Polishing Exposing the edge of materials such as acrylic to the heat of our flame polisher will melt and smooth the surface, reducing the chance of sharp edges and providing a clear finish.